Environment engineering

We use environmental engineering for sustainable solutions.

From our engineering department, we offer consulting services to foreign companies aiming to introduce their products into the Spanish market.

 Our specialty is the field of environmental technologies such as water treatment, recycling, composting plants, acoustic protections, etc. We analize the product and the corresponding market segment and develope a model project based on feasibility studies to be able to present it to potential clients, be they companies or public administrations. The final step is the management and technical assistance of the real project and the distribution of the product. We define ourselves as a platform for foreign companies, innovative in environmental technologies that want to be implemented in Spain through a competent, transparent and efficient interlocutor.

This system is based on denitrification of groundwater from wells to supply populations with drinking water in a self-sufficient manner. The principle of microbiotic denitrification is that microorganisms inside the biological reactor transform the nitrate into nitrogen and oxygen, atmospheric gases that are harmless both to the environment and to people.

Advantages of the system:

  • Almost complete elimination of nitrates
  • Negligible water losses
  • Suitable for all types of flow
  • Low operating costs and long service life
  • Compact dimensions, quick installation and nearly no civil works
  • No residues remaining after the denitrification process

Biologic denitrification plant in Catalonia:

This environmentally friendly, economical and efficient solution complies with the most demanding European directives with exceptional acoustic ratings. Among many other advantages, it should be noted that the height of the green noise protection barriers can reach 8,0m and the relatively low bearing capacity does not require extensive preparation of the ground, thus a deep foundation is not needed which is reflected in the overall price of the project.

The high-absorptive construction with vegetable finish on both sides harmonizes with the landscape and makes them enjoy excellent acceptance among neighbors apart helps to capture pollutant emissions and dust, and prevents the proliferation of graffiti; Performances that can not offer noise screens of other types.

An excellent price-performance ratio, short construction times and a particularly long service life characterize our system and make our clients like administrations or city halls trust in this sustainable solution.

Examples of executed green noise protection barriers:


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